Frank Allen

Hi everyone, I’m Frank Allen and I would love to be your next Guild President!

After 4 years at Exeter University, it's time to give back to the students! Having studied at Exeter for both my undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, I have worked under different colleges, been a part of numerous societies, and built a large array of connections. Sitting on committee for the Jewish Society for two years, and running the society this year, has given me an in-depth understanding of the Guild and how it works. However, the biggest part of my role is to look after the wellbeing of my members and respond to their concerns, whilst working closely with other committee members to ensure a safe, inclusive, and open environment. These are responsibilities I will continue to uphold whilst Guild President.

In addition, I work for the University part-time and am a member of other societies, to name but a few of my wider University experiences. Working as a Student Community Warden has given me a thorough awareness of safety issues in Exeter, and the opportunity to talk to students directly about their concerns. Being an active member of the Squash and AMES societies has also highlighted what members of sports and subject-based societies want to see from the Guild. My 4 years of experiences have put me in a good place to respond efficiently and effectively to student concerns.

However, being Guild President is about more than just good vibes and good connections. A strong Guild President needs a strong platform to stand on.

That’s why I’ve created a list of policies that I want to implement as Guild President. But I didn't create them just by myself. Through a survey, I asked the students directly what they wanted to see the Guild enact. As a result, I’ve compiled a list focused on building a safer, more inclusive, and more transparent Guild.  

From the very start of my campaign, to the very end of my presidency, putting the student voice into action is my top priority. By compiling this list of policies, not only do I want to show that I can actively listen to the students, but that the Guild can, and must, too.

For more information on my list of policies, please see my Instagram and Facebook (both @frank4guildpresident).


Maria Aspinall

I’m Maria, a 4th Year Philosophy Master’s student who has been at Exeter since 2018, and I am running to be your Student’s Guild President.

I know from personal experience how the Guild can help students. While estranged last year, the Guild helped me access summer accommodation, free of charge. Without this support, I would have been left vulnerable, unsure of where I would sleep for weeks on end. The Guild empowered me to keep going in a hellish time and I am eternally grateful. However, most students I’ve spoken to are utterly unaware of how the Guild can help them.

By communicating transparently with students, fighting for an affordable campus and empowering students to self actualise and overcome the barriers they face, the Guild can truly succeed as an institution, supporting students like I know it wants to. That is my vision for the Guild, and what I would fight for as Guild president.

I am not just passionate, but also equipped for the job. My successful time as president of the Debating Society has given me experience leading a large and diverse team, many of whom hold contrasting political values and interests. This shows I have the leadership skills to manage different staff and successfully run the Guild. Furthermore, I have remedied the society’s historic issues with inviting transphobic speakers through careful planning, policy changes and principled leadership. When I take charge of an organisation, I change it for the better, and the Guild is no different.

Furthermore, leading this society has forced me to work closely with the Guild, giving me intimate knowledge of both its internal processes and the legal framework in which it operates. This means I can make effective, realistic changes as President. I also bring the self confidence and public speaking ability necessary to advocate for student interests in this role, persuading the University to put students’ interests first and confidently challenging them when they do not.

In summary, I am both passionate about this role and properly equipped to perform it. My leadership skills, confidence and knowledge of the Guild and the context it operates in will allow me to transform your Guild for the better, and that is why I am the best candidate for your Guild President. Vote for transparency, affordability and empowerment. Vote Maria.

For my social media and manifesto, please go to https://linktr.ee/mariaforguildpresident


Lily Margaroli

I’m Lily Margaroli, and I’ve been your Guild President this year. The skills, knowledge and relationships I have built, alongside my passion and commitment, make me the best person to continue taking our community forward to realise the changes you want, need and deserve.

I will continue to listen. I will continue to fight for what is right. I will continue to include everyone on our journey.

To be truly representative, YOUR Guild must be led by YOUR priorities. Below, are my principles that will ensure we can effectively work on these priorities.


Collaborating with students to make a Guild that works for you, with you.

Enhance the way we learn what you want and need - and then act swiftly and effectively. You are the experts in what’s working and what isn’t, but the Guild does not currently gather that insight effectively to then work with you to realise change.

Be more open, allowing students increased and improved opportunities to engage with us. Proactively reaching out to students when issues or opportunities arise, allowing us to foresee problems and co-create solutions.


Empowering you to have your voice heard in a way that affects change.

Support students to be local and national agents for change. The Guild needs to be equipped to meaningfully put resources and expertise behind students running campaigns that matter to them.

Every student needs to be seen by and see themselves in the Guild. We must have representative roles that reflect the diverse needs and experiences of our community, with those students at the forefront of the change-making that impacts them.


Resilience to the changing world around us and evolving student needs. With a fair, intersectional and sustainable approach.

Our policies must be resilient to local and national pressures and we must be agile when they need to change. The way the Guild (and the University) work needs to pre-empt and adapt to changes that impact our students.

Develop stronger relationships and networks to make national changes. Many of the changes students want to see require a wider national movement. I can grow the network I’ve already formed this year to realise this ambition for, and with students.

I have so much more passion to give to this role. We are already making progress in many of these areas and with my leadership and principles, we can continue.


Jonathan Parker

The guild is a corrupt, bureaucratic and unjust administration that is
not fit for purpose. Filled with politicians and cretinous autocratic
archons, its sole ambition: furthering its own petty agenda and
internal designs.
It is time to ABOLISH THE GUILD!

As president, my sole priority will be the absolute and permanent
abolition of the guild. All responsibilities and authority currently
assumed by the guild will be devolved to their respective
I.e. societies will becoming full self-governing organisations, bound
only by the will of its members. This will have numerous immediate
benefits such as removal of red tape regulations like mandatory
paperwork and superfluous risk assessments.
Parties such as the advice unit will continue to exist as
independent entities, now able to fulfil their purpose free from
external influence and guild decree.

My priorities are as follows:
1. Institute a full and complete abolition of the guild.
2. In the process of that, I will:
a) refuse the position's salary as it is funded by the
activities of an imperious amoral monolith.
b) practice abstentionism and obstructionism to restrain any
further tyranny from occuring.
3. Once complete, all jurisdiction pretended by this institutional
sham will be rightfully restored and divided back to its rightful holder.

So on the 15th of March, vote Jonathan Parker for guild president, and
together we can slay this putrid festering mass and end its peremptory
reign of terror!


James Coffin

My name is James Coffin, and I would love to be sports president for Exeter University for next year. I'm currently in my 4th year, reading masters in Electronic Engineering.
Throughout my four years, I have been part of many Athletic union and guild society’s including tennis, squash, kayaking, cycling and surf. I have loved getting involved in the wide diverse range of clubs Exeter has to offer, trying many sports for the first time.
I have been a member of the tennis club for 4 years and have been on the committee the previous two years. As tennis ambassador in my third year, and now club captain in my fourth. The role of club captain has been a demanding yet very rewarding and given me a lot of insight and into how AU sports clubs work and importantly where I believe they can be improved. I have worked closely with the entire student sport team in the AU office allowing me to easily transition into the AU role with these relationships already formed. I have coached the university tennis programme for the previous 3 years, meeting members from all levels of play. This experience gives me a good understanding of how Exeter sport can be improved to suit students of all abilities.
I have many ideas to drive Exeter sport forward. One of these is improving the accessibility of clubs to students with physical or learning difficulties. Each club should establish more frequent accessibility sessions allowing these students greater access to enjoy the “Great Exeter Sporting Experience”.
Finally, I would like to ensure that all clubs are welcoming to players of all abilities. I have enjoyed getting involved in new sports such as kayaking and surfing through my time at Exeter, and I would love for every sport to have this inclusive attitude towards new people. All members should feel welcome and valued; no matter what club they belong to, no matter how confident they feel, no matter what level they perform at. Closing the gap between more casual members and elite BUCS level will help provide better value, inclusion and equity for all students involved in The University Sporting Experience.


Jack Gowing

With three years of experience on Committee for the University’s rowing club (President, Welfare, and Stash), and two on the High Performance Programme I can recognise the positives and negatives the Exeter experience offers. From these roles on committee, I am how the AU can be enhanced to work effectively, proactively, and inclusively. I have benefited from working directly with AU senior leadership regularly which will kickstart my work alongside them next season. To individual clubs, I can offer that credible self-reflection and experience for students promoting club-led ideas. Being Sports President is not about what I think, but what I can facilitate and the skills I have to offer.
As Vice President & Welfare for EUBC in my third year, I managed my clubs transition to Covid by regularly delivering welfare chats, training session, and socials online. By successfully focussing on the sense of community, motivation, and enjoyment in sport, I widened my emphasis away from just competitive sport. In my experiences, many clubs also took on the welfare burden of their members without sufficient training, which I will rectify next year with a holistic AU approach. This pragmatic and adaptable approach suits the role of Sports President as the role will change to reflect new student feedback and events.
While President, I have worked with many Exeter clubs but also other universities to discuss BUCS competition, varsities fixtures, and combined best practice. This additional perspective is important for me to represent sports I might know little about, to enhance day-to-day best practice. It will also allow me to represent their interests outside of the university in BUCS meetings. A ‘one size fits all’ approach for the Athletic Union is lack-lustre when overseeing such a diverse community of clubs. This is even more important next moving forwards as the Sports President takes a more active role in representing Guild sport, parallel to AU clubs. My experiences heading up a medium sized, niche club complements me well to support all clubs fairly for their own needs.
In my four years I’ve had a lot of great sporting experiences at Exeter. I want to repay that debt with one final year of constructive involvement. I aspire to spend it supporting committees to run effectively, linking people with opportunities, and developing sustainable future strategies for clubs and the AU, so that Sport can continue to enhance student experiences, prospects, and interactions.


Arlen VeYsey

I enjoy putting time and energy into making sure that everyone is putting in the effort and really loving their sport. Getting as many people as possible involved in sport is central to this, and I want to help you to get involved in our wonderful community that we have at Exeter. Aiding sports development is one of my key values.

Although my work as Sports President will be driven by you the students, I am passionate about these areas to focus on:
Sport and mental health work together and I want to keep the existing programmes going as well as potentially introducing new ones.
I have been involved in the disability in sport programme and want to keep that going and allow sport to be open to all.
This year I have been trying to develop a Modern Pentathlon club for the university, and this is something I would to progress.
Developing the competitive side of all sports, e.g. introducing new competitions internally and externally.
Sustainability e.g. club transport, stash, etc…

I have taken on numerous sports leadership roles, such as club captain of the Fencing Club. I have had the amazing opportunity to put this passion into practice, and I want to put this energy into being your sports representative.

I learn quickly. Those of you who know me know that I put huge amounts of effort into working on various projects. I have been described me as a ‘terrifyingly efficient’, so I will get things done as your representative.

On top of my various committee positions that I have held in the Fencing Club over the past few years, I am also a qualified coach, armourer and competition organiser. Therefore, I have experience in all aspects of the running of sports, and can utilise this to represent you to the best of my ability. Specifically, I helped to run the BUCS Fencing Nationals this year which has allowed me to work closely with the BUCS organisational structure. I also have the amazing opportunity to help organise and run the Commonwealth Games this summer. This means that I know the internal workings of BUCS and high level competitive organisational structures and will translate this experience to helping clubs develop their competitive side.

I will put in all my effort towards being your representative as sports president and helping you with anything.

Vote Veysey:)


Thomas Glover

I’m Tom, a final year undergraduate Drama student.

I am running for VP Education because I believe in highlighting the value of community in raising the student voice. A natural organiser, I’ve been passionately involved in student voice since I joined the universityy.

In my first year, I became a Student Rep, as I wanted to be an approachable figure for my peers, working with department staff to raise the student voice. One of my first experiences was with public speaking, asking the lead lecturer for one of my modules if I could give announcements. This helped me grow my confidence.

Going into my second year during the peaks of the pandemic and being able to lead my department’s Student Staff Liaison Committee (SSLC) as Subject Chair, I contributed to the restructuring of one of the first-year modules. I fed back and organised regular discussions with the Directors of Education and the module convenor, ensuring student feedback was utilised sufficiently, as a primary action in the design of the new module.

Despite being online during the last year, I spent time alongside my studies developing new skills in areas that would never have been possible in years before. I became accustomed to web design, designing the website of my father’s new company from scratch, simply from understanding the tools available to me. In development, I have been very adaptable, shifting the layout and content occasionally, to be as user friendly and as engaging as possible.

My involvement in student activities during my final year, serving on 2 society committees, has enabled me to view the many aspects of the Guild. I believe I could help with other aspects as overall, it’s a team effort! Likewise, being a Trustee for Make a Smile, a student-led charity, has allowed me to understand other, administrative aspects of VP Education, which the role demands.

Away from student voice, since my first year, I have also worked several days a week at Unit 1, which has made me a sociable, well-known and supportive person beyond campus.

I have naturally kept in close contact with the activities of the NUS, especially in the "#DecoloniseEducation" and "#StudentsDeserveBetter" Campaigns. I would greatly look forward to representing Exeter at NUS events.

I would be honoured to bring my experience and enthusiasm to the Guild to the role of VP Education.


Jack Liversedge

I’m Jack and I’m running to be your next VP of Education. My desire to run originates from my own experience studying at the University of Exeter, as well as the experiences of fellow students. Having been diagnosed with dyslexia, I have always found elements of academic study difficult. At an early age I felt that I would never get to university.

My early learning difficulties played a part in developing a negative relationship with education. This changed whilst at university. Studying became an activity that I enjoyed and despite periods of stress, I truly believe that the time I have spent at university has been one of the most positive, formative periods of my life. This transformation was only possible because of support that I received from academic/personal tutors, learning support mentors and wellbeing services.

Pastoral and academic support has improved my time at university; though this support is not always easy to access. Barriers to this include, time constraints, stress and eligibility requirements. Furthermore, many students are not aware that academic support exists or how it might be accessed. It is my view that the university needs to be more proactive in outlining what support is available to students. The guild, which works as a bridge between the often-faceless university and its students, should play a key role in this. All students should have the opportunity to access the same support that I have had.

Furthermore, the university needs to improve communication with students that apply for extensions; they should be more proactive at reaching out to students that are struggling, whatever the reason.

Lastly, the university must be held to a higher level of accountability than is current. This includes greater responsibility for marking and results support, and the ability to challenge marking. UK students pay £9,250 and international pay double this.
Students deserve more and those that wish to improve should receive full support of the university.

Whilst I have not represented the university at this level before, I feel that this puts me in a unique position, as I can approach the role from a fresh, new perspective. I have fulfilled committee roles during my time at university and I am currently a supervisor at the campus Ram Bar.

Thank you for taking the time to read my personal statement. I encourage you to vote regardless of whom you vote for.

Kind Regards


Souradeep Sengupta

I would describe myself as a motivated and enthusiastic student of University of Exeter in my term 1 of MSc. Cyber security analytics degree. I have completed by graduation from “Moulana Abul Kalam University of Technology” India with 2:1 and 22 months working experience In IT sector of India. I have skill and attribute to offer the business world end to end solution with satisfied steck-holders with my communication, team working and problem solving.
As an evidence I got confirmed as a permanent employee in my last organization “Netsribes India Pvt.Ltd” within 6 months which is 6 months ahead of due time.
I’m very loyal to the people in my inner circle. Loyalty is probably my biggest virtue. I give it to the fullest and also expect the same from the people I give it to. I show utmost care and love and respects to the people that matter to me. I will do anything in my power to keep them happy.
I have friends from different races and I’m therefore very sensitive on whatever comes out of my mouth. I go out once in a while with my friends to have some good time. However, most of my weekday’s nights are spent at the comfort of my home by reading a book with black coffee.
Im currently a student representative as well a SSLC member of computer science. As a student representative, I usually take feedbacks from other students of my modules and present them in SSLC meetings .

I love music more than anything in this world. Music is life to me. I listen to virtually every form of music. I love classical music and instruments like piano, rock and my favourite musicians are Yiruma, Mozart.
I also play piano on my own, although not on a commercial level. I write music and play an acoustic guitar. My performances are usually done during family functions.
I created my own piano playing You Tube channel named ‘Beatuzic”. My channel have 2000 subscriber and 55000 viewers.


Emma De Saram

I'm Emma and I'm running to be your VP Opportunities!

As well as studying History, I have broad experience on society committees, and campaigning locally and nationally representing young people. You may also know me as the bumblebee on Forum Hill during Fresher’s Week! I have worked as a course representative, Equality Panellist, President of Cool Runnings, and I am currently Campaigns Officer for Be the Change and Social Secretary with Friends of Palestine. My friends describe me as compassionate and motivated, and I want to use my values and skills to help Exeter students get opportunities they deserve.

I have loved my time as an Exeter undergraduate, trying activities from quidditch to Korfball. I want to ensure future students, regardless of background, can have similarly unique experiences, and committees can organise hassle-free events. I have truly been on both sides of society organising as a president and social sec, and I want to streamline the process of submitting events so students can concentrate more on having fun, than risk assessments.

I have extensive campaigning experience that I want to use to help societies and student initiatives. I have already advised stash secretaries on the best sources of eco-friendly clothing, worked with the Climate Emergency Team and co-created the Societies Sustainability Alliance. We don’t have time for greenwashing, so I will work to remove single-use plastics and help empower student initiatives and groups through green grants. Last year, I was selected to speak to world leaders at the Global Progress Summit in Rome, and I continue to campaign nationally for climate justice and better mental health support. Furthermore, I want to ensure students gain recognition for their extra-curricular work. I loved doing my Exeter Award and I want to help others achieve this accreditation through society activities and through partnering with external trainers.

I am passionate about tackling systemic injustices, gendered violence, and misogyny on campus. As an elected Women’s Equality Representative, I pushed to introduce the Night Bus to safely transport students’ home, and recently worked on a campaign with Urban Angels. As VP Opportunities, I would ensure that training is provided for committees focusing on mental health and sexual harassment. I am committed to anti-racism, and at home I founded our local BLM group. I’ll continue to push the Guild to be actively anti-racist and work with societies to ensure they’re accessible to all, especially marginalised students.


Izzie Dyer

I’m Izzie, a PPE finalist, and I want to be your next VP Opportunities.

Why am I the best fit for this role? Because I am involved, interested, and inclusive.


I have been involved as an active member of the Guild throughout my degree. This is demonstrated by:
• Joining ten different societies.
• Having four committee roles across three societies; President, Social Secretary, Publicity Officer and First Year Representative.
• Regularly attending Guild, careers, and society events.
This makes me a strong candidate because I have a thorough understanding of Guild bureaucracy and would enter the role with ideas regarding what needs improving from personal experience and talking to peers, such as online society administration tools, outreach to marginalised students, and diversifying careers resources.


I’m an excellent listener who is interested in hearing from students to successfully represent a range of interests. I have shown this through:
• Being trained and practised in active listening as a former volunteer with Exeter Student Nightline.
• Using feedback forms in my committee positions to enable members and colleagues to voice their interests and concerns.
• Distributing a form and speaking with current students in advance to ensure that this statement and my campaign is informed by student priorities.
As a representative of the student body, your VP Opportunities must be committed to reaching out and effectively listening to students to guarantee informed decision-making. My attentiveness to others’ needs and listening experience will allow me to fulfil this for you.


I strive to prioritise inclusivity, both as a student and in my personal life. This is evidenced by:
• Choosing modules about feminism and social justice.
• Introducing mindful events and a Welfare Officer in my roles as Social Secretary and President of Disney Society.
• Continuing online socials after COVID restrictions eased to maintain the inclusion of immunocompromised students.
• My role as a young carer.
I am passionate about providing opportunities for all students. I understand the limitations of my experience and know from my caring responsibilities the importance of listening to peoples’ needs to empathise and provide appropriate support. This makes me a powerful candidate because I will start conversations to collate feedback and defend groups without speaking for them, particularly groups that I am not part of, such as BAME, mature, international, postgraduate, and St. Luke’s students.

Grow Your Opportunizzies and vote #iz4opps!


Mehreen Nasir

Hi I am Mehreen, an international postgrad student, determined to explore and make provisions for innovative and exciting development avenues as the next VP Opportunities.

Its the warmth and welcoming vibe of the university which compelled me to step up for this position, to make an initiative for bringing positivity, progression and development not only for myself but for others as well to make their learning experience enjoyable and empowering for a brighter future ahead.

I believe in making the most out of experiences in life, education and learning being at the top of the list. My aim is to contribute towards facilitating fellow students, colleagues and peers to develop a stronger sense of community within the university, engage them in activities to help identify, solidify their strengths and overcome their weaknesses for skill development and employability, support their wellbeing and strengthening the cultural gaps.

I view this position as a chance for me to connect to student community throughout the campuses, be a listening ear to their concerns and opinions, become their voice and represent them within the local community as well as outside where relevant to enhance prospective opportunities, encourage them to become participative members of the student community by engaging in societies, clubs, events and other activities.

As VP opportunities I will get to appreciate, learn from and benefit local students, moreover from my experience of being an international student and personally experiencing the hardships of moving settling and studying in an absolutely new environment and culture for most of us, I want to provide a platform for international students, where they would feel as a part of the community, could seek social assistance, become a part of societies and facilitates them in developing a sense of belongingness easing the transition and explore future opportunities to overcome uncertainty.

My key strategy will be to always keep students first, this I believe is at the heart of this position to develop a bond with the student community, understanding them and making them feel that they are understood, hearing them out and making sure they feel heard, provide for them opportunities with which they can flourish as students as well as professionals in their fields once they graduate. My goal will be to maximize windows of opportunities whether development or employability which leaves them empowered to choose the best for themselves.


Kaif Ur Rahman

I am standing to be elected as the Vice president opportunities because I would like to ensure that the students studying at univesity should be given equal attention and atmost help for any supoort they need to acheive greater goals . As a fresher especially, I believe I can have an impartial view to the matters of the university and as a result improve the compatibility of the opportunities that can be paved for each student.
As your representative on the student, Guild I would aim to ensure that:
1. Anyone can approach me for the required help both in and out of the univeristy. in terms of work, funding, studyies, etc.
2. To closely bring forward the opportunities that the local bodies/ companies are providing student with.
3. will focus to take an individual from where he is to where he wants to be.
In order to deliver upon these aims I will use my previous experience in my school and college. As well as this I will endeavour to give you opportunities to inform me of what I can do to improve your experience – because you know best what you want help with.
I would be honoured to represent you during the coming year and to be given the opportunity to make a positive impact on your university experience.


Johna Aswin Selva

An Environmentalist, TEDx organizer, a mentor, an influencer but most of all a person whose main aim in doing anything is to bring a positive change around me. I’m Johna Aswin, this is how I would describe myself.
I love the vibe of getting to engage with people and any chance to inculcate a change within them, I would take it up with no doubt whatsoever. I wasn't a person of this character before, but efforts of myself and of some others around me brought me out of my bubble. This inspired me to bring new light to anyone who wants it. I’m currently pursuing Master’s in Accounting and Finance and hold the position of Accounting PGT rep and organizer for TEDxUniversityofExeter. In past, I have organized 5 TEDx events by leading a team of 50 volunteer students by handling Finance, Marketing, and Production. Moreover, it equipped me to be a leader and team player. This helped me to create opportunities for students and bring impact to the community. Through my initiative, I was able to see the positive changes in the team(students)- an introvert to extrovert, timid to bold, and so on. This fueled my passion for creating more opportunities and exploring opportunities.

I believe being your next VP Opportunities, I will be able to bring this positive change on a large scale for the student community to have the best university experience. My aim is to bring transparency and accessibility in guild operations in both the campus, ensuring all suggestions and complaints are heard and resolved. Sustainability opportunities that include supporting 5 Students' demands to university are successfully and speedily made into action. Finally, ensuring Inclusivity and diversity that includes creating more part-time job opportunities on the campus and importantly improving fee and financial assistance to the needy.

Check my website for the manifesto.


Lowenna Wagstaff

I am a final year English and Drama student motivated by a passion for change. As a woman from a low-income background, I have experienced some of the barriers to opportunities offered at Exeter and want to use this position to listen to others’ experiences and make real, long-lasting change.

While the number of societies at Exeter is a testament to the student body, concerns around safety and accessibility to said society life and employment opportunities remain. As your next VP Opportunities I will work to ensure that these are broadened by students, for students with frequent focus groups and inter-society reflections. Holding the relevant people accountable, I am committed to improving support for society members and committees to make our university a place where we do not have to be afraid.

Over the last three years I have held committee roles, attended numerous academic society events, and been elected as President/Executive Producer of Exeter’s oldest and largest theatre company. As such, I am familiar with current Guild systems and have worked to implement more accessible and rewarding student opportunities. I have been responsible for managing multiple projects throughout my time at Exeter and have broad experience in communicating with industry professionals, a proficiency with contracts, and an ability to constructively represent the opinions of others to those in positions of power. I have a Level 2 Effective Listening Qualification which fosters this clear communication and encourages me to achieve constructive conflict resolution.

My leadership style is collaborative, making room for the voices of others while meeting year-long scheduled deadlines. This will enable me to enact real improvements in projects with a larger time scale while remaining adaptable to the changing circumstances and priorities of the student body throughout the year.

I conduct projects with passion and integrity, fostering clear strategy and support networks while ensuring the mental wellbeing and personal satisfaction of those involved. This is what I will continue as VP Opportunities to promote values that have too long been ignored by the university; values of safety, support and inclusion.

Vote for me for VP Opportunities and I will strive to improve processes and practices to make a lasting difference to those experiencing barriers in their society engagement. I want to make this campus safer, more inclusive and supportive to help your university career establish you for whatever opportunity you take on next. If not now, Wen.


Basya Batubara

Hello everyone!

I am Basya, and I am a soon-to-be final-year Politics and Sociology student running to be your VP Liberation and Equality officer for next year! As an international student, I am well-aware of what the Students’ Guild’s attentiveness towards the student concern and I am thankful for what they have done to us especially throughout the pandemic; so I would firstly like to say that this is my gesture on giving back to our community.

The Guild’s perseverance and grit to uphold a maximal living satisfaction for all amidst those testing times has been very inspiring and have since inspired me to take up this position to further their fighting spirit and carry their legacy on helping YOU ensure the treatment you all deserve! After all, we are more than just an academic institution, but also a community, a collective, and most importantly a place we can call home. So do let me help you bring this EXEcellence further with the Students’ Guild. I am asking you a simple favour to vote for me on election day to advance the Guild’s care and attentiveness towards us students’ wellbeing and bring better quality facilitation for everyone, regardless of background.

So with what the uni has pulled through these past two years we must carry on for the next two years, I can be YOUR VOICE to further EXEcel the welfare system we have. Having to have worked with not one, but two society committee positions before, I will prioritise student interests and actively communicate with societies to continuously ensure proper welfare conduct.

So what are you waiting for? Vote Plan #BfortheBetter and ensure EXEcellence for Everyone!


Emma De Saram

I'm Emma de Saram, and I'm running to be your VP Liberation & Equality!

As well as studying History, I am a dedicated social justice activist, campaigning locally, nationally and internationally. I have worked as a course representative, Women’s Equality Panellist and I am currently Campaigns Officer for Be the Change Society. My friends describe me as compassionate and motivated. I want to empower all students, regardless of their background, to get their best academic outcome and have amazing opportunities.

I am passionate about making campus safer for all students, especially women, students of colour, LGBTQ+ and disabled students. As an elected Women’s Equality Representative, I campaigned for the Night Bus to safely transport students’ home. I recently worked on a campaign with Urban Angels to stop hate speech on campus.

I am committed to tackling systemic injustices. At home, I founded our BLM group and continue to support this. As VP Liberation, I will continue to push the Guild to be actively anti-racist and work with students and decolonising networks to embed anti-racism into daily University life.

As a climate justice activist, I recognise the intersectionalities between climate change and systemic inequalities. Since returning from COP26, I co-wrote the ‘Five Demands’ with Be the Change Society. Our demand to decolonise the curriculum is crucial to addressing and understanding how climate change disproportionately impacts marginalised groups and countries. I spoke to world leaders at the Global Progress Summit 2021 and I will use my campaign experience to advocate for tangible and just changes on campus.

Mental health support is vital for students and I am very open about my personal struggles. I have worked with the charity 'Beat' to raise awareness, and inform government policy. As VP Liberation I would ensure mental health support is accessible, adequate and culturally appropriate for all students, and that personal tutors have greater training to consider individual student circumstances.

The last two years have shown that students deserve better. Education should be free, and as an elected NUS delegate, and your future VP Liberation, I will continue working to reduce student fees - a campaign aim that benefits everyone.

Working cohesively with my team, I will ensure equality is embedded throughout the Guild. I am not afraid to push for systemic change - students deserve a Student’s Guild that truly represents us.

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Manav Hartono

Hey everyone! I am Manav, and I am running to be your next VP Liberation and Equality for 2022/23! I am an international student from Hong Kong & Indian by ethnicity. I am currently a third/final year BSc Psychology student.

I have had a wide range of experience working at the university and Guild, which will prepare me for this role.

I am currently the College of Life and Environmental Sciences Officer, where I represent over 4000 students’ views in academics. I attend senior meetings with staff and prioritise the wellbeing of students in the college. Hence, I have already had experience working in the Guild part-time and know the organisation operates. In addition, I created a podcast for the college where I gave various students and societies a platform to share their voices and experiences.

During my College Officer role, I also made a wellbeing poster for students in my college with various useful mental health resources now used in senior meetings and is advertised around campus, including DH1/2 and Washington Singer Building. Furthermore, I am involved in working towards improving the personal tutoring system, the blended learning approach, night bus and road safety. I am passionate about campaigning for the interests, rights and wellbeing of all student members. Ensuring the safety of all students is also a key priority of mine during my current college officer role.

Moreover, I am currently also the Publicity Officer for the Exeter Asian Society, the largest cultural society on campus. I was also a Year 2 Academic Representative and the Student Representative for the Psychology Athena SWAN Inclusive Working Group. Lastly, I will be an incoming delegate for the National Liberation Conference taking place at the end of March in Liverpool. I will be championing BAME students’ academic rights and representing international students’ voices.

I hope to make the most of this position by elevating my current experiences in improving liberation and equality for all student members. Therefore, I have represented the issues of liberation and equality at a college level and soon to be at a national level. Now, I hope to represent at a university level!

Check out my campaign and more ideas on what I plan to achieve if elected as VP Liberation and Equality:

A vote for Manav is a vote for making positive changes at the university and Guild together :)

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