Role Descriptions

Full-Time Officer Roles

Guild President

Leading on the Guild’s development and external relationships.

Education Officer

Leading on all academic matters within the student experience.

Communities & Equality Officer

Ensuring students from different communities, liberation groups and underrepresented groups are celebrated, supported and represented during their studies.

Societies & Employability Officer

Ensuring societies and student groups are supported, and enhancing student employability.

Student Living Officer (new for 23/24)

Leading on housing, financial support, student safety, living in the local community and sustainability within the Guild.

Athletics Union Role

Sports President

Elected alongside the FTO Officer roles, Sports President role is employed and managed by the University's Athletics Union.

Voluntary Officer Roles

Department Officers

(Full Description Coming Soon) Every department will have up to four voluntary (unpaid) part-time Department Officers who lead on Academic Representation in your department.