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Whether you’re confident in your gender identity and sexual orientation, or exploring who you are, Exeter has a thriving community of LGBTQ+ students ready and keen to welcome you. We’ve designed this page to help you find your community and to draw together all the information you’ll need to make the most of your time at Exeter.

You Students’ Guild is here for you – whether you need confidential advice, or you want to start a campaign, our role is to support you. We’ll use this page to update you on our work around advocating for improved processes which better recognise gender, night safety, access to healthcare services and more.

Have something you want our help to challenge? Talk to us and let’s find a solution!

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NUS Liberation Conference

This year’s Liberation Conference will be a high-energy, impactful campaigning space - moving away from reacting to the symptoms, and going after the root causes instead.

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Exeter has a number of different communities led by and for LGBTQ+ Students:

We also have groups with the Inclusivity Badge and the Diversity Badge. The University also has the Trans and Non-Binary Cafe for staff and students and the LGBTQ+ Staff Network.


Here are some local services and support options for LGBTQ+ Students. 

If you have an idea for a new peer support scheme, contact the Academic Skills and Student Engagement Team

University Wellbeing support for LGBTQ+ Students and gender diverse support.

Intercom Trust is a local charity advocating for and supporting lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans+ people. Helpline 0800 612 3010. 

Talk to the Community Representation Team who can work with you and your Officers to campaign for solutions for your community’s experience at university – whether you need small adjustments or systemic changes!

Recommended Reading

LGBTQ+ Society & Queer and Bame Collective have teamed-up with us to provide a list of titles, some of which are available from The Lending Library in DH1.

Read Exeter student stories.

There is also a student-curated database of LGBTQ+ reading materials - click here to view it (Google Docs). Got ideas to add to this list? Click here to submit them (Google Docs).